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Culture Kit: 3 Phase Blueprint to a 
Great Company Culture

Rise Up For You, Nada, and her entire Team is exactly what we needed. They have been a saving grace for us. Helping us get realigned as a company. They are warm, honest, passionate. I have enjoyed and appreciate all their expertise. I highly recommend Rise Up For You.


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This FREE course covers the most essential phases needed in order to build a positive and thriving company culture that is SUSTAINABLE. One that can last year after year with the right steps, commitment, and strategy.  Let's face it, the workplace has changed and is continuing to change in a direction that is new for everyone! This course shows you EXACTLY where to start and how to build out the proper phases for company success and team development. 

Rise Up For You has worked with organizations and professionals around the world teaching the very skills needed to enhance not only company development for teams but personal development for the individual.
  • 4 part course, 4 videos of absolute value
  • ​Course work covered: The 3 Stages of a Great Company Culture
  • 3 Workbooks for each module 

Let us share with you the three stages of company culture that will elevate your employee engagement, workplace energy, and overall team communication and culture. You can have it all and we show you how! 
Here's just a few outcomes you will achieve:

Learn the three phases to creating a great culture within your team and organization. 
 Understand the importance of values, how to activate them, and why most companies lose site of their culture in phase one, directly impacting all other aspects of their culture. 
Understand the foundations of Emotional Intelligence and the 4 pillars associated with great leadership, building trust, and communication. 
 Understand what employees need and are looking for today in their career and how to prevent turnover and quiet quitting!
Kristle D. 
We Rise Up For You to lead our team in a couple sessions around emotional intelligence and translating strengths to mentorship. They brought the perfect mix of passion and insight, facilitating introspection and group discussions that have sparked productive conversations internally about strategic alignment and social impact. I highly recommend to anyone looking to bring value to any discussion involving people or culture.
Mike S.

Nada has been providing one to one coaching for myself and my company for the past year. She has done an amazing job of listening and guiding me through the process of defining the company's mission and values. Her coaching on building the company's cultural foundation has greatly helped in set it up for success going forward. I'll be using Rise Up For You in the coming year and highly recommend Nada and her team!
Alex E.
Thank You Rise Up for helping us turns things around! Their level of professionalism is top notch, compassionate and understanding. Very helpful reference material and videos! 
Leila M. 

Rise Up For You has been tremendous for our organization. On a personal level, for me, Nada's Executive Coaching has helped me bring about awareness of things I need to work thru. The honesty and support have helped me be confident in my decision-making and be a more empathetic leader & mentor to my team. I use my experience as a way to help them have self-awareness and grow from there. We are all growing in front of our eyes, together, and it's helping us address the bad stuff we would have typically avoided, which builds trust. We've adopted a new mantra ("reverse engineering") & use it often. The team realizes this experience is not "training" but rather has embraced it as a growth process. Some managers have been elevated into bigger roles and others are finding a space in a new role.
Susan D.

HIGHLY recommend!! Nada and her team deliver training and coaching in a direct, engaging and energetic way. Curriculum materials are excellent. We invited clients and key stakeholders to a Women in Leadership series in addition to all of our staff. We had such a fabulous response from our guests that we will do a program for men (our employees, clients and other key stakeholders) in the Fall to coincide with Movember - men's health awareness month!
   Richard L.

The content is applicable in every aspect of life and I can truly say I'm a better husband and employee as a result of the training. Our organization now knows the value of emotional intelligence and how the lack of EQ can negatively affect every relationship. 

I not only want to recommend Nada but thank her for impact she's made on myself and our organization. Her energy is infectious and her charisma is magnetic; wishing you blessings on blessings.
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